1. Serenity European Signature Facial

This pampering facial is a perfect choice for any skin type. The anti-aging treatment combines specific skin-type cleansing, exfoliation and mask chosen to suit your skin which will leave your face silky smooth and help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, followed by a relaxing face and neck aromatherapy oil massage. Your face will appear fresh and youthful!
80 MINS        $85.00


  1. Therapeutic Facial Stone Massage

This combines our signature facial with the addition of a gentle hot and cold stone massage and placement of stones on the Chakra sites leaving you with an enhanced feeling of relaxation and well-being.
90 MINS        $120.00


  1. Aromatherapy De-Stress and Calming Facial

Relax, de-stress and enjoy the benefits of a gentle cleansing, exfoliation and customized mask laced with calming plant or seaweed extract to rejuvenate sallow complexions.
60 MINS       $85.00


  1. Peel and Lift Face and Neck Treatment

A beneficial anti-aging treatment designed to tighten the skin on the face and neck and reduce pore size using glycolic or alpha hydroxy solution to revive the skin layers by getting rid of the dead cells allowing the new cells to regenerate. Wonderful for a youthful look!
60 MINS      $85.00


  1. Deep Pore Cleanse and Paraffin Mask Facial Treatment for Acne

A thin layer of warm wax creates an airtight seal to add moisture and plump up fine lines and re-hydrate parched skin in addition to aiding in drawing out impurities. This is ideal for extractions of blackheads followed by a purifying mask and invigorating toning or O2 serum.
75MINS         $70.00


  1. Microdermabrasion Fine Lines Reduction Facial

Great for sun-damaged and/or acne damaged skin by using a micronized diamond tip to resurface the skin dramatically reducing the appearance of age spots, fine lines and wrinkles as it breaks apart the dead cell layers. An enzyme mask is applied to clarify the new cell layers leaving you with a brighter and youthful glow. Sunscreen MUST be applied every day for a minimum of 7 days following this treatment.
75 MINS        $85.00


  1. Customized Facial with Your Choice of Cleanse, Exfoliation and Mask

Designed for your individual needs with your choice of cleanser, exfoliation and mask from our European and/or Image Skin care formulated products. A gentle face massage will be given at the end of the session. Pick your products, lay back and relax!
60 MINS        $85.00


  1. Mini-Facial Rush and Run with Makeup (optional)

In a hurry? Rushing to get to date-night or that special event or just maintaining your skin care program? Try our 30 minute facial with cleanse, exfoliation and serum infusion. Need makeup? Let us apply for just an extra $10.00.
30 MINS           $30.00 (Add Makeup $40.00)


  1. Gentlemen’s Facial Treatment

The emphasis of men’s facial treatment is on deep cleansing, exfoliation and customized mask and toning. Please shave a minimum of 2 hours before appointment.
60 MINS       $85.00


  1. Back Cleansing Scrub

Our specialized back treatment will deeply cleanse and intensely exfoliate using a volcanic larva or Dead Sea salt rub leaving your back silky smooth. Perfect for that special cocktail dress event or it just feels good!                   60MINS       $85.00


Add Decollete to each Treatment: Add $45.

Serenity Spa by B highly recommends that you apply sunscreen of SPF 15 or greater to your face as part of your daily skin care regimen. Sun damage is the main cause of premature aging producing age spots, fine lines and wrinkles.
Let us help you with your purchase of the most suitable sunscreen for your needs.

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